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COS®  and  Effect!

Our Services

We bring twenty-five years of experience in delivering a wide range of global and strategic solutions for top companies spanning many industries. We work on complex, high profile initiatives to produce cost effective, quality and service excellence results which has generated millions in cost savings, increased revenue and profits. We offer the following consulting services to support our missioin to deliver Creative Optimum Solutions® for our clients.


Strategic: We produce results for front and back office operations, organization effectiveness, branding, service and leadership excellence. We customize a roadmap that taps into your organization strengths and talent to deliver value and excellence for years to come.  


Tactical: Once the roadmap and plan is in place, we can stay on and set up project control points to successfully execute on time and within scope each time. We can lead the execution of your most complex and high profile initiatives and guarantee the work each time.


Advisory: As a senior advisor, we can serve as an insurance policy to your organization to ensure that transformation and positive effect are delivered.


Workshops: We customize inspiring and interactive workshops to promote service, leadership, coaching and customer excellence.


Speaker: We customize speaking engagements based on the audience with a wide range outreach from senior executives, non-profit organizations, education institutions and health facilities. The sessions are always interactive, insightful, inspirational and motivational to reach your greatest potential.


We take price in our work and the benefits the clients reap from our efforts. Review client testimonials!

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