COS® and Effect!
COS®  and  Effect!


Our work spans many industries, companies and organizations. Here's a sample of what they had to say:


“Cos, you are a shining example of true leadership - you have both the tenacity and an agreeable nature that draws people to the right solution / direction amidst chaos.”


Bloomberg Financial Markets

"Cos is dedicated to perfection every time. You can count on him!” 


Deutsche Bank

"Cos is tenacious in driving positive results for the business and delivers service excellence every time. If I was ever in a ‘fire’, I would want him in it because Cos would lead me and everyone else out safely” 


First Republic Bank

"Thank you for your outstanding accomplishments here at First Republic Bank. You’ve provided exceptional support. Your contributions are deep and all highly valued. You’ve touched many lives and made a lasting impression in the time you spent with us.” 


Global Consultants Inc

"Cos epitomized the word professionalism during the times we worked together. I would be hard-pressed to think of anyone I have worked with that is more client focused than he is."  

Goldman Sachs

"Cos is gifted with a unique blend of knowledge, creativity, inner drive to create superior results, and the ability to work easily with people at any level. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him." 


Guardian Insurance

"Between his business smarts, creative flair, engaging spirit and down-to-earth common sense, Cos makes the impossible, happen. He truly delivers Creative Optimum Solutions" 


JP Morgan Chase

"We were thrilled to have Cos with us for a couple of years. He is a true professional and offers a wealth of experience. He is a great asset to any company and always puts the client first.” 

Kaiser Permanente

"Cos is an extremely thorough and hard-working top notch professional. He is insightful enough to recognize the risks and opportunities of a situation before others do, and dedicated enough to make sure they get addressed. Cos does a great job bringing a team together, providing a project management structure, and crisply laying out expectations.  He is an excellent leader!” 

Media Space Solutions

"Cos is a seasoned executive. When frustration heats a situation up, Cos calmly cools it down so things get done. A very generous spirit that any organization can benefit from.” 


Mitchell Martin Inc

"I have known Cos for 15+ years. The entire time that I have worked with Cos he has always put the client first no matter what the circumstances. He has unquestionable dedication and work ethic. Clients always have the highest regard for his professionalism, work ethic and drive to get the project completed on time/early and on/or under budget.” 

Pacific Gas & Electric

"Cos provided outstanding support to PG&E's Program Management Office for two years.  His leadership in successfully managing difficult projects was impressive.  We could always count on Cos's ability to delight our clients while bringing together diverse perspectives from both IT and Business stakeholders to deliver his projects on time, on budget, and on scope."


Paramount Pictures
"Cos is instrumental in not just moving large complex projects forward but influencing everyone around him to a higher level of standard. He is an inspirational leader that understands how to motivate, inspire, and lead large groups to deliver on their commitments. He has an innate ability to develop a rapport with people from all walks of life and have the team feeling they are part of something much bigger. That is a rare gift."


Price Waterhouse Consulting

“Cos is a solid performer in bringing together and leading cross functional teams, developing most cost effective and innovative solutions, delivering results on time and on schedule and always committed in delivering top notch customer satisfaction. Cos is a great leader, mentor and a great team player who respects other people’s value and decisions while bringing out the best in people.”

Science Applications International Corp

"Cos is a smart electrical engineer with outstanding personal skills which makes him unique in the consulting industry"


Tiffany & Co

“Cos enlivens the senses and instills leadership, productivity and exceeds all expectations. He truly understands luxury and service excellence and completes all work wrapped in a beautiful Tiffany Bow.” 


Ziff Davis Media

"Cos is a highly capable executive who has superior people skills. I always enjoyed being able to put him into any situation or project and know that I did not have to worry about the outcome.”  

Excellence in all that we do can be attained through many years of experience and knowledge. Here's a tool kit that can help shape the way!

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