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The Way

The Way is a tool kit that one can use to stay balanced and productive in a very fast moving world while inspiring hope and beauty.

An Excerpt follows:


“Daily we are reminded through the media and all around us that life is not fair. Some people seem to have all the luck with success and happiness while most of us struggle to make ends meet. We are thirsty to know the secret to a happy and successful life and turn to our faith, upbringing, traditions and society for answers. But over time we surrender because our life remains chaotic, a struggle and we still see separation, poverty, disease and violence all around us. We accept that we can never achieve a constant state of happiness and live a satisfying life. Why? Because we think that this is just the way life is. But that is not the truth.”


“The Way will inspire and empower you to live your greatest life by reconnecting with your Creative Optimum Self. You will awaken to a world you never thought existed. You will find it easier to smile, to laugh and you will bring this same joy to others. You will be concerned with all aspects of your life, including strangers and the less fortunate. You will be truthful and ensure that others follow the same universal truth. You will be fearless- a spiritual warrior dedicated to ensure that knowledge and wisdom exists in each moment. You will be elegant, refined and civil, and you will stand up for what is right. You will have more clarity and be more aware, a constant source of great energy to live the life you want.” 


‘We all have choices and the choice we make today determines the life we will have tomorrow. And if we want to have a better world tomorrow, we need to start today, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.”
Barnes & Noble Buyer

“I read Cos’ manuscript with great interest and felt that the timing of the book is fortuitous; I am excited that it is now available at Barnes and Noble”.


Barnes & Noble Reader Reviews

“This special book came into my life at a low moment and lifted me! The words put me back on track and got me through my husband’s cancer. It provides us a positive attitude that we can attribute to his beating all odds."


“I am in awe of Cos’ willingness to share so much with his readers and allow himself to be so vulnerable. In doing this, he allows his readers to connect with him in a soul to soul way that is very rare in books or in life.”  


“The Way is a quick way to understand yourself and those around you. Inspires you to make changes and reconfirms the life long beliefs in the internal power. It is a wonderful guide to attract and create a harmonious life.”


“Cos offers inspirational and practical advice with very universal themes which can assist in rebuilding your life no matter what stage you are in”

“You are an inspiration. You provided me with the tools to help me stay positive and keep my days sober and giving great insight in learning how to look after me; following his steps has made my life more fulfilling.”


“Cos helped me start the process of self-healing by really evaluating my life. I started re-evaluating the history with my family. I realized I didn’t have a good view of what was going on because I was too opinionated.” 

Best Guest Digest Review

“Cos has developed a series of steps that anyone can follow to discover their creative optimum self and be more productive at work.” 



“I recently interviewed best selling author of The Way, Cos Delli on Best Selling Author TV. I must say, it was one of the most compelling interviews I have given in a long time! The Way is an easily readable yet profound and powerful book based upon 5 inner steps and 5 outer steps, that when practiced and integrated into your life, will help you to achieve your Creative Optimum Self.” Watch it here.


Dr. Kathie Mathis

“Cos is a gifted speaker, writer and motivator who came to the YWCA and spoke to over a hundred domestic violence advocates and counselors about care for the caregiver. His real life examples on the importance of taking care of ourselves on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels was given with humor, warmth and passion. His book, “The Way” provides encouragement and down to earth methods for empowering oneself to have a more positive and productive life. Thanks Cos for making a difference for others.” 


Film Director

“Listening to Cos engage the audience, that ranged in age from 20-something to 96, was a testament to the universality of the ‘The Way’ and its mission to help every and anyone...reminding us to remember that we ‘all breathe and that we are all connected’, ‘The Way’ may just be the answer so many of us are looking for how we can make the world a better and peaceful home for all of humankind.” 


National College Recruitment

“I want to thank you with my deepest appreciation for the light you have ignited in me; I enjoy my meals, exert more energy when I work out, I stop and absorb nature around me and even take a moment to sit on mountain tops to feel the wind and clear my mind.”   


 Real Estate Developer

"Cos has created a powerful, sensitive, enriching, and timely tool; you will reach your outer limits of success while achieving a balanced existence!” 


Southern California Book Publicists

“Cos gives a wonderful keynote speech to the Southern California Book Publicists organization!” Watch it here.


United Way

“The night I attended your seminar it gave me the lift I was looking for, I applied your lessons to the people I work with and the contributors; thank you again, you and your book have touched my life.” 


Veterans Reporter

“Cos is a new generation who shares with readers inspirational messages which can help those who want to be helped.” 

The Way is about connecting with the inner strength that lives in all of us and inspiring others to realize this same strength. 

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